Product Templates

Here at Real Blanks we believe in not only top-notch sublimation supplies but providing top-notch digital assets that compliment them. Enjoy these templates and go sublimate to your or your client's content. Please note we are currently in process of getting templates available for everything we offer. If there's a specific template you'd like us to prioritize, contact us today and we should be able to get that to you quickly depending on our schedule and work load.

One of our most popular tumbler options comes with a comprehensive template to get you creating amazing, well-fitted designs in no time! Click the picture to the right to download the template for our 20oz Slightly Tapered Sublimation Tumbler! Please note the top and bottom will need to be trimmed according to your design as is necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: At this point our templates are available for use with Adobe Photoshop only. If you don't have Adobe Photoshop, you can get a monthly or yearly subscription here. If you do see a download link with other non-Photoshop files in the download folder it is because we have decided to provide those complimentary but is not necessarily guaranteed that every item we sell will come with all of those file types.